Strapless Knee Pads

Are you ready for a revolution in knee pads? One of the biggest complaints from professionals who must wear kneepads for protection is the straps. They are bulky and uncomfortable and they can stretch, sag and even break, rendering your knee pad useless. Strapless knee pads may be just what you've been looking for in comfortable yet functional construction worker clothes.

Here are some benefits to using strapless knee pads:

  • Easy to wear- easy to put on and take off
  • More comfortable than knee pads with straps
  • Quickly take on and off

When you're looking for construction worker clothes that are designed to fit comfortably and work hard, you've come to the right place. Our strapless knee pads are unique, tough, durable, comfortable and easy to put on and take off whenever needed. No longer do you have to suffer in bulky pads all day long because they are so much trouble to put on and take off.

Wurkpads almost appear too easy. Tired of feeling like you're going to war in the backyard after strapping on your bulky knee pads? Try 2 clips and one pad for the easiest in strapless knee pad construction. They are so streamlined; they will feel comfortable no matter how long you wear them throughout the day.

Wurk Pads are comfortable

Wurk Pads are durable